Toddler Translator

Everett has been babbling nonsense all day, every day, for as long as he’s been able to make noises besides crying. I was fully conversational by the time I was 18 months old, so I’ve been waiting for a long time for Everett to really start talking beyond the nonsense babble. Of course, he’s only 2, and every kid is different, but I’ve been feeling like it’s been taking forever for him to start talking. A month or two ago was when we first noticed that what were seemingly just “sounds” to us, were actually words to him. Well, they had meaning anyway. I don’t know if he just has a really strange accent or what, but these are some of our current favorite Everettisms…

PWISS: please. I told you…weird accent.

PWUH: prayer. Context really helped us figure this one out. We’ve been teaching him for months to fold his arms when we say prayer, and he’s gotten really good at that. He knows the times of day we say prayer together as a family and has started beating us to it by running to the table, folding his arms, and saying “pwuh!”

DIS: this. Most often accompanied by frantic pointing and a panicked look when he wants anything.

wuh-SIS: what’s this? This one is newer, but it sounds pretty close to what we think it means.

WIS-is: where is it? Most often used in reference to his sister’s pacifier. “I don’t know, Everett…where is it?” (Not to be confused with wuh-SIS.)

WHY-gee: ready. This one took us forever to figure out. For a long time we thought it was just his weird way of saying “one,” because he would always say it before saying “tee-oo!” when standing on something ready to jump. As in, “WHY-gee, tee-OO, JOP!” (which we mistook for “one, two, jump.”) Really he was combining “Ready, set, go” and “one, two, jump” to make his own “ready, two, jump.” It’s all very complicated.

POM: pop. The grandkids on my side of the family are going to call my dad Pop. It’s kind of a tradition, my dad’s dad is my Pop, his dad was my dad’s Pop, etc. Everett definitely knows who Pop is, but he hasn’t quite gotten the 2nd “P” yet. So for now, he’s Pom.

All I’m saying is, if Toddler had been offered as a foreign language in high school, I probably would’ve taken that over Spanish.IMG_3109



Opposite Weekend

Last weekend when the kids were sick, I swear it was like two Opposite Days in a row. Eleanor, who’s usually our chill baby, couldn’t stop crying no matter what we tried. I think she cried more in the few days she was sick than she’s cried every other day of her life combined. Everett, on the other hand, did something he hadn’t ever done in his whole entire life. He sat still. Everett. Sat still. For like…a long time. He just sat there, looking all sick and sad. I always thought I’d be elated if there ever came a day when Everett sat still. But I have to say, it was oddly unsettling. He was built to move, that’s for sure. But I guess that’s why they call it Opposite Day. Or in this case, Opposite Weekend. Because it’s only temporary. Thank goodness the littles are back to their normal dispositions…these pictures from last weekend just break this mama’s heart.IMG_3063IMG_3068

Everett…aka the world’s first professional personal-space invader


Every morning when I’m done feeding Eleanor, I immediately have to take the empty bottle into the kitchen where Everett can’t get it. If I don’t, he grabs it and tries to force-feed her an empty bottle. And when I try to take it away from him, he goes into major meltdown mode, because he can’t understand why I won’t let him “help.”

So every morning, Everett is waiting in the wings for the very second I stand up. And every morning, without fail, he jumps up on the couch next to his baby. (Yes, I think he thinks she’s his.) Usually he gives her kisses and babbles to her in a really high-pitched voice, and often he’ll rest his head on her tummy. But this particular morning I just had to snap a couple pictures. To Everett, there’s no such thing as close enough when it comes to his precious baby sister. And I don’t think she minds one bit.

:: family funday ::

Last week we had the opportunity to drive a couple hours North and spend the day with my in-laws. My husband has a lot of younger siblings, and it’s so fun to see them taking on their aunt and uncle roles. We had such a fun day with them, and unfortunately I was so busy having fun that I only captured about 5 minutes of the day on camera. I hate it when I do that! We spent the day relaxing, cooking, eating traditional Vietnamese food, and my mother-in-law helped me turn a too-short dress into a beautiful new A-line skirt. (Can’t wait to style some new outfits with it!) But like I said, in the midst of all the family fun I only managed to capture about 5 measly minutes on camera. But a few pictures are better than none!

SHERLACY | family funday

SHERLACY | family funday

SHERLACY | family funday

^^just had to get a picture of Everett’s upside down heart-shaped bald spot!^^

SHERLACY | family funday

SHERLACY | family funday

SHERLACY | family funday

^^I had to keep telling Austen not to look at the camera, so Jake decided to help me out^^